Wearable Wings

Ever wished that you could grow wings and fly? Well we’ve yet to get the flight part to work but here we have wings galore that kids, adults, even your furry friends can wear.

 Extremely cosplay friendly these Dragon, Feather, and Fairy Wings condense down small for storage, are light weight, durable, and can be adjusted so that you never have to worry about someone bumping into you and damaging them, you just bend them right back into place. They are worn like a backpack and the straps are completely adjustable so that anyone can wear them.

Dragon Wings: 90+ colors and patterns, we offer 6 of our most popular here but if you email us with one you see on full list we can see if it’s in stock.

Dragon Wings for your furry friend: currently these are commission only and made to size so that the straps fit, standard colors of black or white are available but we can do special requests for +$5 more.

Feather Wings: 6 colors available.

Fairy Wings: We have 2 types, Embroidered and Decorate Your Own. They both have Jewel tones and Pastel colors available.